Sharon’s Monday Goulash

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement. I’m very pleased with “Kin Ties,” and hope you will be, too.

From the Peanut Gallery comes the question: But when do we get to read the story, now that it’s finished and all?

The answer is — soon. I need to read it one more time — the walk-through, or micro-tweak, stage — and when I can, I like to let the story rest a week after “finished” and before that last walk-through.

Currently, the plan is post “Kin Ties” to Splinter Universe on August 12.  This will give y’all something to do while we’re at WorldCon and traveling about the countryside, and also give us all time to come down from the Sugar High that was the last couple of days, what with the release of “Intelligent Design,” the Ghost Ship eBook and the Nerd Caliber interview.

In other news, I have figured out how not to drop Five Bills on a tablet computer before WorldCon while still being able to carry everything necessary to my comfort on the train.

The answer is. . .

drumroll, please

Open the kitchen coat closet and dig out the Vest of Many Pockets, said pockets easily accommodating Paladin and my camera, which I had regretfully decided I must leave behind. Why, yes, I am a financial genius, thank you.

The other thing that will, when it arrives, fit into one of the Many Pockets is my foldable sun hat. The sun hat I wear around here has a stiff brim, which makes it not so good to pack. So, new hat. My, I will be stylish, this trip.

Which leads me around to. . .can I locate that? One moment, pls…

No, I can’t find it. Just as well.

Edited to add:  Found it.

It was an article advising women that now, more than ever! it’s important in the workplace to “dress young;” that women who “look old” were in peril of losing their jobs. Said article was full of must-haves for older women workers who wanted to stay employed — trendy haircut (absolutely essential if you make the risky choice of “keeping your grey”), fashion-frame glasses, shapewear, cute shoes. I was. . .appalled. I mean, I know that We As A Culture devalue our elders — and most especially our elder women, who, face it, can teach nothing to those who come after *pause to unglue tongue from cheek*, but. . .

Where’s Ilisidi when you need her?

Today, having late last night finished a story, and thereby having Mush for Brains, is about making phone calls, and working somewhat on the New and Improved Maybe I’ll be a total wastrel and take a nap. Mmmmmm, nap.

See you on the flip side.

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