Where in the world are Lee and Miller?

Yanno how you always wonder:  Is that light ahead of you in the tunnel the far end, or an oncoming train?  Steve and I are going to find out!

January 20-22, 2012, ChattaCon 37,  Chattanooga, Tennessee:  Writer Guests of Honor:  Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  ChattaCon takes place at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel, a former train station.  This is one of our increasingly less-rare trips South, so mark you calendars!

More details as we have them.
Edited to add: The Compleat Guest List for ChattaCon 37:

Steve Miller and Sharon Lee – Writer Guests
Laura Ann Gilman – Writer Guest
John Picacio Artist GoH
Rachel Caine – Special Guest
Mark Van Name – Toastmaster

* * *

Lee and Miller will also be attending RenoVation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, Nevada, August 17-21, 2011.  Join us to celebrate the release of Ghost Ship!

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