Faster than a speeding bullet

. . .and the weekend is just about over.

Tomorrow, there’s the day-job, then a doctor’s appointment for Steve, all served up over a “clear” day where the weatherbeans are calling a high temp of, oh, 5F/-15C.  Um. . .yeah.

*Note to Self:  Find flannel lined jeans tonight*

Today, there was a trip to the grocery store, a nap with the rice bag to get the damned kink out of my bad shoulder before it became a Problem, then laundry and some few words of writing.

The current project is “Intelligent Design,” a commissioned story.  There’s a fairly generous range involved — between 5,000 and 12,000 words, so I’m not sure where to set the high end of the meter.  I guess I’ll go with ten grand as a guestimate, with the understanding that the story may not take that much, or it might bump its head on the ceiling.

Now, I think I’d better go tend to the Needs of Felines, get packed up for the trek into the day-job tomorrow, and, oh — have some lunch.

Stay warm — or whatever constitutes comfort in your part of the world.

Progress on “Intelligent Design”
1,167 out of 10,000 words OR 11.67%

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