Carousel Tides: Tweets for the Tweetless Day Three

This is Day Three of the the Epic Carousel Tides Snippet Tweet, sponsored by Baen. Street date 11/2. Book launch 10/30. Mark your calendars!

Visiting the Wood, frying a man’s grass – not exactly walking lightly on the land. And the land had taken note.

It’s an old machine; a menagerie, like the name says, three across, twenty-three animals and a chariot.

Horses: an Indian pony with a blanket saddle; a bejeweled charger; a dandy little gray with fangs, batwings furled against its sides.

Force flowed and flowered, prickly against my skin. I tasted mint and honey, a tattered remnant of Gran’s signature.

“Saw the one with batwings take a nip out of a fella come down to talk to your gran.”

“You’re trenvay,” I said, sounding accusatory in my own ears. Borgan raised a lazy eyebrow. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

* * *

Here ends Day Three of the Epic Carousel Tides tweet-a-thon.  Tune in bright and early tomorrow for the next installment!

While you’re waiting, Carousel Tides can be ordered from, from BN, your local independent bookstore, or downloaded electronically from Baen Webscriptions.

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