Carousel Tides: Tweets for the Tweetless, Day Four

Welcome to the penultimate day of the Carousel Tides Grand Snippet Adventure, sponsored by Baen Books. Snippets beginning in 3…2…1…

“Hair of the dog,” he said, pressing the flask into my hand. “Drink up, matey; this draught’ll make a man of ye!”

“It was an Ozali who came. Who, I cannot say. He had woven a glamour about himself, but he could not mask the odor of High Magic.”

Googin Rock lay before me, flames flickering hungrily beneath the black, bladed surface.

“That’s nice,” Borgan murmured. “Yes,” I managed to say calmly, “it is. But it’s only glamor.”

My right foot went into the cup of Borgan’s hands, there was a moment of lift, and I was airborne, the land wailing inside my head.

The willie, possibly believing it was about to witness a new and exciting form of suicide, spun closer.

* * *

Here ends Day Four of the Epic Carousel Tides tweet-a-thon.  Tune in bright and early tomorrow for the next installment!

While you’re waiting, Carousel Tides can be ordered from, from BN, your local independent bookstore, or download it electronically from Baen Webscriptions.

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