Carousel Tides: Tweets for the Tweetless Day Two

Day Two of the Carousel Tides tweet-a-thon, excerpting snippets from the book at the dizzying rate of 6 in 12 hours. Watch the skies. . .

“Good morning, fair Nerazi,” I said, moving closer across the sand.

“Nay, nay, keep your sweet words close and be niggardly in their spending! For when those are gone, there will be no more, I warrant.”

“Normal folk see what they want to see,” I agreed. “And we’re lucky that they do.”

“That deed is ancient! We surveyed as well as we could, but when the markers are old rocks and trees that rotted 50 years ago –”

“You’re vandalizing my lawn and if you don’t cease, I’ll call the police and see you hauled away in handcuffs!”

“Hear me, Man,” I heard myself say. “The boundary will be honored.” The Word spoke itself, soft and gentle, like dew.

The line between our properties was marked with a ride ribbon of dead grass.

* * *

Here ends Day Two of the Epic Carousel Tides tweet-a-thon.  Tune in bright and early tomorrow for the next installment!

While you’re waiting, Carousel Tides can be pre-ordered from, from BN, your local independent bookstore, or downloaded electronically from Baen Webscriptions.

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