Short Day

Had some stuff to do today, so a short word day.  Tomorrow, first thing! to Skowhegan and the yearly eye exam.  I expect I’m going to come out of that with a prescription for new glasses, but!  We shall see.

Has anyone here used a Virtual Assistant, and if so, how has that worked out for you?  Me, I’m still trying to figure out how to outsource doing the dishes.  Or the bookkeeping.  Or, hey!  The filing.

Progress on Ghost Ship:

71,300 words/100,000 OR 71.3% complete

OR, if we take Steve’s estimate as More Realistic

71,300 words/125,000 OR 57.04% complete

. . .I’m not sure I can bear only being 57% done, after having written damn’ near 26,000 words in two weeks, so I think I’m just gonna run with the 100,000 word Mental Health Plan for the time being.

One thought on “Short Day”

  1. Hum… remember Heinlein’s story that had the company with the motto “We also walk dogs”? Sounds as if we have slipped into that, albeit on a virtual level…

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