Saturday at the word mines

I did some much-needed filing during the morning hours, getting most of the “easy” filing decently into drawers. What remains are judgment calls and five inches of marked-up proofs for:  The Dragon Variation, Mouse and Dragon, and Carousel Tides.  I really don’t want any more file cabinets in this office.  Heck, I don’t want the file cabinets I have.

I hear that there are households in these United States where there are no file cabinets at all.  How can this be?

In addition to filing, Steve and I did a fair amount of brainstorming, with more to come, and I wrote a couple words.

I am now tired.

Actually, make that. . .very tired.

See you tomorrow.

Progress on Ghost Ship:

70,307 words/100,000 OR 70.31% complete

. . .Steve cruelly suggests that we’re looking at coming in closer to 125,000 words than 100,000.  He’s probably right, too.


One thought on “Saturday at the word mines”

  1. Have to guess that households without filing cabinets must just stack their papers in the corner, and put up with a lot of rearranging when they’re looking for things. Must make a real mess.

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