One ordinary day, with spectacles

As previously advertised, we were up early and on the road to Skowhegan, about an hour’s drive from the present location of the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, in order to do the Annual Eye Examination Thing.

Why, you ask, do we travel to Skowhegan, home of the Big Wooden Indian, in order to have our eyes examined?

When we first moved to Maine, we lived in Skowhegan, where we found among other Wonders, Marvels, and Oddities, the best. eye doctor. ever.  We hired him immediately and never looked back, so to speak.  It’s going to be very difficult, if we ever do pull off a move to the southern, more populated part of the state, to let Gerry go.  Though, really, a three hour drive one way to see the. best. eye doctor. ever. probably wouldn’t be excessive.

After the exam, it was a stop at the Skowtown branch of Tim Horton’s to take on more caffeine then, to SRM Galactic Headquarters to pick up a package left for us at the office next door.

This turned out not to be something that we thought might be arriving, maybe, but a Laser Mouse, sent anonymously by a Fan of Hexapuma.

For the record, the Laser Mouse meets Hex’s approval, and if he wasn’t a cat, he would thank you most graciously, Nameless Fan of ‘Puma.

Package retrieved, it was the post office, then Pearle Vision to order in the new eyewear.  By this time it was rising one o’clock, so we stopped at Sam’s which is conveniently located directly behind the Pearle Vision Centre, for a so-called Italian dinner.

Eh, not so much.  Even the garlic bread was a disappointment.  How can you screw up garlic bread?

Lunch. . .dispensed with, we took off for the grocery, passing the Scene of an Accident, with lots of policepersons, and ambulances and firetrucks and police cars, more uniforms, municipal FD slickers and! a car.  On the lawn of a house, it’s hood on the lawn of the house, and the house, or perhaps the car, gently smoldering.  Here’s an account, with picture.

Passing the spectacle gently by, we arrived at the grocery, took on supplies and thence to home, where we snacked on Steve-made chocolate-chocolate pudding, and I came back to the office to write.

I have now written, and made notes for a scene that goes. . .somewhere, probably just a little upline, and day is now officially done.

Tomorrow, Hexapuma goes in early to see his good friend Dr. Slack, then I will come home and write for a while, before trying to remember what it is that I need to accomplish in order to arrive at the day-job on Wednesday in reasonably good order.

. . .

Man, that was a fast 19 days.

Progress on Ghost Ship:

72,078 words/100,000 OR 72.08% completed

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