Ribbon Dance postcard update

The last batch of Ribbon Dance postcards will be mailed to volunteers today.  I want to thank everyone who offered to take cards to cons, bookstores, literary events, libraries . . .  your help is very much appreciated.

A few notes on methodology.

I had X amount of postcards and X+ number of volunteers.  After consideration, I opted for breadth rather than depth.  Every one who volunteered got some postcards.

Some folks will find not only Ribbon Dance postcards, but postcards, or bookmarks, for Salvage Right (the mass market came out this month, so the cards are timely).  You may also have postcards for Carousel Sun (which isn’t timely, but I had a stack of them and better used than thrown away).

If you were expecting postcards and don’t get them in a week, you may assume that I missed your address in my gathering process.  My apologies; no slight was intended, but no system is perfect.

Again, many thanks for your efforts on our behalf.


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