Double Vision available for preorder

Back in 2009, SRM Publisher, Ltd (aka Steve Miller and Sharon Lee) put out a Double Vision, a yours, mine, and ours collection of twenty-nine stories that were specifically not set in the Liaden Universe®.

Double Vision never had an ebook edition, and Steve was determined that it should.  This was in fact the project he had been working on when he died, and it is now available for pre-order at most, if not all of the Usual Suspects.

Double Vision will not be available in paper.  The reasons for this are several, but the most pressing is Amazon, which still has the title in its database as a trade paper published by SRM, and honestly?  I don’t want to fight with them about does Pinbeam Books have a contract with SRM Publisher to republish its property.  I really, really do not have the spoons for that.

So!  Double Vision will drop on June 1 — which means that, yes, Baen will also have it available for download.

Here’s the list of stories that are included:  Ginger and the Bully of Lowergate Court, Sharon Lee; The Cat’s Job, Steve Miller; A Matter of Ceremony, Sharon Lee; Coffee Cat, Sharon Lee; The Big Ice, Sharon Lee; Rain Day, Steve Miller; Master of The Winds, Sharon Lee; The Pretender, Sharon Lee; The Silver Pathway, Sharon Lee; The Year They Brought The Bears to Belfast, Sharon Lee; The Naming of Kinzel, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Kinzel The Innocent, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Kinzel The Arbiter, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; And Hawks for Heralds, Steve Miller; Charioteer, Steve Miller; Stormshelter, Sharon Lee; The Solution, Steve Miller; The Girl, the Cat, and Deviant, Sharon Lee; The Afterimage, Sharon Lee; Master Walk, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Choices, Steve Miller; Cards, Sharon Lee; The Handsome Prince, Sharon Lee; Stolen Laughter, Sharon Lee; The Winter Consort, Sharon Lee; The Inventoried, Steve Miller; Gonna Boogie With Granny Time, Sharon Lee; Passionato, Sharon Lee; Candlelight, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

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