It’s a wonderful night for a Ribbon Dance

First things being first — I am under the impression that the Ribbon Dance eARC will drop Sometime Today.  Here’s your link to the Baen eARC page.

For those joining us after the break, an eARC is a Baen Tradition, in which electronic A(dvance)R(eading)C(opies) are offered to those readers who Simply Cannot Wait for the release of the hardcover/ebook, three months down the road.  eARCs may contain errors that do not appear in the finished book.  In the case of Ribbon Dance, such errors will be on the level of typos and broken sentences — which is to say, not story-altering.

In other news, tomorrow will be the fourth anniversary of my mastectomy.  Also!  Gifford’s ice cream stand, which is a scant half mile from the Cat Farm, will reopen for the season tomorrow.  No, these things are not related, saving that I may go out for ice cream tomorrow afternoon, in support of local business.

My brother-in-law and nephew came up from mid-Coast for a couple days and helped me get a lot accomplished, including pulling a bunch of boxes out of Steve’s closet, which went in there 6 years ago and were never heard from again, cleaning out the Goblin Room and the Winter Room, clearing the garage, and even doing some needed yard work.  It would have taken me months to do what they did in two days.

I’m left with details in terms of papers and photographs and the … things that one accumulates just by having lived a busy life.

I will say that, having seen Steve’s brother in action — I knew Steve had been getting tired, but not how tired he actually was.  I couldn’t have done anything about it, and I know that, but it still leaves me feeling like I let the side down.


Monday, I’ll be starting what I hope to be a long-term exercise class at the Community Center, which meets at 8:15 M/W/F.  I have apparently acquired the vice of early rising, so this ought to be perfectly doable, and provide the dual benefits of exercise, and human interaction.

I think that gets us caught up for the moment.

Oh, wait.

Here, have some pictures of coon cats.

Sprite atop the file cabinet
Trooper in my co-pilot’s chair
Firefly at the top of the living room cat tree

9 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful night for a Ribbon Dance”

  1. I remember that regret – not seeing the signs earlier, I mean. Hugs. “We do the best that we are able, my child. We make the best decision we may, dependent upon our experience and our training. It is what we owe to kin and to those who reside under our care. If it were true, I would tell you that necessity makes us wise. What I will tell you is that we all do our best; that we all make errors; and that those who love us will forgive us.” I DARE
    That comforted me after Mum’s death.
    Hugs and ice cream.
    And People IRL. Maybe somewhere you can people watch.

  2. So excited for you-and us. Did you ever watch the TV series The Facts of Life? The song “you take the good, you take the bad, and there you have the facts of life.”Life on planet earth. I love your shares.

  3. Hurrah for Gifford’s!
    I have been anxiously waiting for them also.
    Anniversaries are good. Congratulations!
    On Easter I will be 12 years from discovery.
    When one looks back at the jumble of consequences one must endure to survive an ordeal such as ours, it looks like the slog through the wilderness with Captain Rogers as told by Kenneth Roberts. I think I may have eaten a boot along the way. But! We made it this far.
    You are doing great! Keep up the good work.
    As tired as Steve was, give yourself a bit of credit. You had a PILE of MUD on your own board. You most certainly did not let your side down. There are some things over which the Pilot has no control.
    All honor to the Minions from away!
    Are they still here or on their way back already ?
    Exercise AND human interaction in the same slot ? Excellent!
    Cat pictures are appreciated !
    Today’s musical tag ?
    Moon Dance ?
    I’m gonna go READ now.

  4. I’ve also been eagerly awaiting the reopening of Gifford’s, especially after last year’s fire— and since my birthday is Sunday on St. Patrick’s Day, a celebratory ice cream is a Necessity…

    And I think you’re doing amazingly well. Unless you’re omniscient, you’ve been a human being, being. I lost my Mom suddenly last spring, and it was so swift, from her diagnosis to her dying, but looking back, she must have been sick for some time, except none of us knew it. It’s hard not to feel guilt. But it’s not ours to own, or carry… Blessings and hugs, Sharon. ???

  5. I strongly second what Lauretta says. Those words from _I Dare_ have gotten supported so many people dealing with such dreadful doubts and fears and regrets!

    There’s the other side, too: your rock-solid, probably barely noticed absolute knowledge that Steve is Steve, regardless of the losses and indignities. Steve was a superb person, but even he was vulnerable to the doubts and fears for which those conditions are all too fertile ground. I suggest that your feeling like you let the side down stems in part from how little you could notice what you did about those doubts and fears — the affirmation that shows up in myriad little acceptances of the way things are, without always jumping up and trying to mitigate them … which, as you’ve noticed, don’t actually do anything about the tiredness itself. For what little it’s worth from an anonymous voice, it sure looks to me like you done good. Very good indeed.

    ps: Yes, truly, hurrah and HURRAH for _Ribbon Dance_!

  6. I hope you enjoy the exercise class. Having a schedule seems to help make it happen. My experience has always been that even moderate exercise can really help you deal with things that life throws at you. Hang in there and enjoy that ice cream! Hugs!

  7. Ah . . . Gifford’s–summer is coming!

    Currently, Ribbon Dance is not included on the Baen page that shows when I click your link. After I sign in there, and do a search to find Ribbon Dance, it tells me “Not Currently Available.”

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