Today is the day after yesterday

So, yesterday was my birthday.  It was also 911, which has Precedence, it being far more important to many more people than my natal day.

My Usual Strategy for many years, therefore, has been to stay the heck off of social media on my birthday.

So, after a false start, due to the fact that, while I obviously knew it was my birthday, I had temporarily forgotten that it was 911, I backed slowly away from social media and got on with my day.

It was a quiet birthday.  Steve and I went out to breakfast at Lisa’s, which was pleasant, as always.  After, we went up the hill to the Cony Circle Hannaford, which is bigger, brighter, and stocked more fully than either of the Hannafords in our little city, and mooched around, looking at the shinies, and picking up carrot cake, Borealis bread, tomatoes, and other celebratory items.

Shopping done, we came home, put away the groceries, had a second cup of tea, and retired to our offices, as we do.  I did some shopping — oh!  Land’s End is having a sale! — and some cleaning up of my office, poked around the corners of BlueSky, steam-cleaned the basement floor (don’t judge me; I get to decide what I want to do on my birthday), and doodled with the WIP for a bit.

Yesterday’s mail included a letter from Northern Light Mammography Department, informing me that my most recent mammogram revealed “NO evidence of cancer.”  So that was a good present.

We had veggie fried rice and dumplings for lunch; carrot cake and ice cream a bit later; and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

In all, a pleasant day on my terms.

Today sees a return to business as usual, which includes getting the trash to the curb, answering the mail, and doing some advanced planning for said WIP, in addition to writing the next scene.

For those who collect such trivia, the WIP stands at 5,525 words more or less.  I wish I could say “growing fast,” but it looks like this one, like Ribbon Dance, will be more of a “growing slow and steady” sort of novel.

I think that’s it.  Below, as seen elsewhere, a picture of the author as 71.



12 thoughts on “Today is the day after yesterday”

  1. That sounds like a nice birthday to me, especially the negative cancer report; congratulations on that!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day, indeed.
    Ten years and two days later was my own Natal Day. Happy birthday to US!

  3. Congrats on the Oncology Report! Festive Day-After-the-Day (and all those which follow).
    May this Natal Anniversary be happier than the last, and a pale memory in the view of the one(s) to come

  4. Belated happy birthday to you. I went to a surprise birthday party last night who turned 94 yesterday. Congrats on the good mammogram, and I adore grilled cheese sandwiches. They’ve been one of my go-to dinners for many years. And carrot cake is my favorite. All in all, it sounds like a lovely day.

  5. Whenever I think of, or make, or eat, a cheese sandwich these days, Daav’s cheese sandwiches inevitably come to mind. The descriptions outshine the real thing.

  6. Felicitations on your most recent successful cicumnavigation of the local star, belated though they be. And a hearty Huzzah! on the news of your good health. We, your devoted fans celebrate with you and eagerly await the fruits of your labors ?

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