Mini Check-in

Today’s Plan insofar as there is A Plan, is! to finish this last chunk of Ribbon Dance today and give it to Steve to read. Target is a Monday turn-in to Baen.

After which I collapse. And clean out the linen closet. And catch up on that Big Pile of Stuff Over There. Also, I think I volunteered to write a story for a ZNB anthology. Ought to find out about that.

Mooching over to Amazon, I see that Salvage Right has collected 450 reviews by this, its one-month mark (released on July 4. Yes, I know July has 31 days. I am a Slave to Symmetry.) Many, many thanks to those who have read, reviewed and/or rated. We appreciate your time, your thoughts, and your contributions to the Cat Food Trust.

Here, have a picture of Sprite being appreciative.

. . . and back to work I go.


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