FROM EVERY STORM Procrastinators take note!

From Every Storm: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 35, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, may still be preordered from your favorite ebook vendor. Official publication date is Wednesday, November 23 — that’s this Wednesday! At that time, Storm will also be available for download from Baen.

The paper edition is now available for purchase from Amazon and BN.

For those who play the Numbers Game — as of this morning, there are 689 preorders at Amazon, with 60 paper books shipping (!); 18 preorders at Apple; 22 at BN; and 10 at Kobo.

Steve and I thank all of you for your support and enthusiasm for our work, and for keeping the cats in comfort. The cats of course will not thank you for this — they’re cats, and we are their Appointed Spokespersons.


4 thoughts on “FROM EVERY STORM Procrastinators take note!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you both and of course the cats. Thank you for many hours of reading happily ensconced in the Liaden Universe

  2. Ahhhhhh . . . the sound of satisfaction. So happy to read a new Liaden story before sleep last night. Of course my appetite is whetted too. Maybe I just need to do another complete read through before Salvage Right joins the family.

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