I thought that I heard you laughing; I thought that I heard you sing

So, yesterday’s Big News was the assignment of a narrator to Fair Trade.  Following up on that — Eileen Stevens will narrate, brave woman, and we have a firm date and time to chat with her, next Friday.

The Redlands Novel, still nameless, resides at +/-16,000 words as of close of writing last night, so that’s exciting, for values of &c.

We have a title for the story about Lomar Fasholt destined for inclusion in Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 35.  The title for the Lomar story is!

“Songs of the Fathers”

So that’s also exciting.  As soon as we Genius Writers come up with a title for the whole chapbook, I can start hunting and hopefully gathering cover art, and start in with compiling and getting preorders set up at the Usual Suspects.

I’m thinking that the order of stories will be:  “Standing Orders,” “Songs of the Fathers,” “From Every Storm a Rainbow,” and the obligatory Authors’ Afterword.

And, yanno, so it goes.  Writers livin’ the life.

Today’s blog title brought to you by REM, “Losing my Religion.”  Here’s a link.


2 thoughts on “I thought that I heard you laughing; I thought that I heard you sing”

  1. I like Eileen’s voice. I remember there is a word she confused with another in one book, and then reversed in a different book. I will listen again to see if I can find it, so you can add the words to your weird words list (if you want to, of course.)

  2. Eileen Stevens has been your narrator for several books. Glad to see she is on for this one!

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