Fair Trade Audiobook News!

In keeping with my promise to let y’all know when there was motion on the audiobook edition of Fair Trade, I am happy to announce that!

Audible has assigned a reader.  Steve and I will be talking with her at the end of next week.

One thought on “Fair Trade Audiobook News!”

  1. I’m glad to hear it!
    I wonder if the two emails I sent them earlier this week helped remind them?
    I contacted their customer service first, who told me to send my question directly to their content-request email adress.
    I did so on October 4th, and hadn’t received any answer from them yet, but now you have made me happy with this news.

    For future reference, if other readers might wish to send such inquiries in the hope of speeding production, I’m copying in my email to the correct Audible address below.

    Sent: Tuesday 4 October 2022 12:41
    To: content-request@audible.com
    Subject: Fair Trade by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Baen Books)

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am waiting for the audiobook version of Fair Trade, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. The book itself has been out since about April 2022 from Baen.
    The signed contract negotiated by Baen for Audible to produce the audiobook went to Audible at the start of July 2022.
    How long does the production process take, when can we expect the audiobook to arrive in the store?
    Kind regards,
    (My name)

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