Books read in 2022

54   Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny, Rebekah Weatherspoon (e)
53   The Wind Off the Small Isles, and The Lost One, Mary Stewart (e)
52   A Natural History of Dragons, Marie Brennan (Lady Trent’s Memoirs #1) (e)
51   The Girl With No Face, M.H. Boronson (Daoshi Chronicles #2) (e)
50   A Gentleman’s Position, KJ Charles (Society of Gentlemen #3) (e) **
49   A Fashionable Indulgence, KJ Charles (Society of Gentlemen #1) (e)
48   A Little Too Familiar, Lish McBride (e)
47   The Wonder Engine, T. Kingfisher (Clocktaur War #2) (e)
46   Clockwork Boys, T. Kingfisher (Clocktaur War #1) (e)
45   Peter Cabot Gets Lost, Kat Sebastian (The Cabots #1) (e)
44   Thornyhold, Mary Stewart (re-read) (e)
43   The Missing Page, Kat Sebastian (Page and Sommers #2) (e)
42   Stormy Petrel, Mary Stewart (e)
41   Hither, Page, Kat Sebastian (Page and Sommers #1) (e)
40   A Delicate Deception, Kat Sebastian (The Regency Imposters #3*) (e)
39   A Duke in Disguise, Kat Sebastian (The Regency Imposters #2*) (e)
38   The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea, Axie Oh (e)
37   The Grief of Stones, Katherine Addison (The Cemeteries of Amalo #2)
36   Sweep of the Blade, Ilona Andrews (Inkeeper #4) (e)
35   The Rat-catcher’s Daughter, KJ Charles (Lilywhite Boys 0.5) (e)
34   Gilded Cage, KJ Charles (Lilywhite Boys #2) (e)
33  When the King Comes Home, Caroline Stevermer (e)
32  Touch Not the Cat, Mary Stewart (re-read) (e)
31  Miss Moriarty, I Presume ( Lady Sherlock Book 6) Sherry Thomas (e)
30  New Tales of Space and Time, ed. Raymond J. Healy (re-read)
29  Trust Me on This, Jennifer Crusie (re-read)
28  Daughter of the Moon Goddess, Sue Lynn Tan (Celestial Kingdom #1) (e)
27  Summer in Orcus, T. Kingfisher (e)
26  A Gentleman Undone, Cecelia Grant (Blackshear Family #2) (e)
25  A Lady Awakened, Cecelia Grant (Blackshear Family #1) (e)
24  Nettle and Bone, T. Kingfisher (e)
23  Shadow of the Swan, Nicola M. Cameron (Hidden Empire #1) (e)
22  Amongst Our Weapons, Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London #9) (e)
21  To My Muse, Nicola M. Cameron (e)
20  Unfit to Print, KJ Charles (e)
19  When Blood Lies, C.S. Harris (Sebastian St. Cyr #17)
18  The Last Revival of Opal and Nev, Dawnie Walton (e)
17  Bruno, Chief of Police: A Mystery of the French Countryside, Martin Walker (Bruno, Chief of Police #1) (e)
16  Spellswept, Stephanie Burgis (The Harwood Spellbook #2) (e)
15  Last Guard, Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling Trinity #5) (re-read aloud w/Steve)
14  Dragonsbane, Barbara Hambly (Winterlands #1) (e)
13  Naked Once More, Elizabeth Peters (Jacqueline Kirby #4) (e)
12  The Pride of Chanur, CJ Cherryh (Chanur #1) (e) (re-read)
11  Written in Red, Anne Bishop (The Others #1)(re-read)
10  Shadow Scale, Rachel Hartman (Seraphina #2) (e)
9   Seraphina, Rachel Hartman (Seraphina #1) (e)
8   Grave Reservations, Cherie Priest (Booking Agents Series #1) (e)
7   Gothel and the Maiden Prince, W.R. Gingell (e)
6   A Gathering of Gargoyles, Meredith Ann Pierce (Darkangel #2)
5   Crystal Lattice, Paul Aurelius (The Crystal Cities #1) (pre-pub provided by the author) (e)
4   The 5th Gender, G.L. Carriger (A Tinkered Stars Mystery) (e)
3   Magic Lessons, Alice Hoffman (Practical Magic #1 or #3, depending) (e)
2   Snowspelled, Stephanie Burgis (The Harwood Spellbook #1) (e)
1   Widdershins, Jordan L. Hawk (Whyborn and Griffin #1) (e)

* The Regency Imposters #1 is Unmasked by the Marquis, which I read backaways
**Yes, I know there’s a #2, but I started it and put it down.  Not my cuppa, though it may well be yours.

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