You can be here by 4:30 ’cause I made you a reservation

So!  I finished my draft of “The Last Train to Clarkesville” under the 8,000 word upper limit (by an entire 140 words).  The story has now gone back to Steve for one! more! go-through before we send it on to the editor.

For those waiting for news of the Fair Trade audiobook — I have news!  Baen reports that the contract for the Audible edition of Fair Trade has been signed and countersigned!  This is progress.  We don’t yet have a production date, or the name of a narrator, but motion is happening in a forwarder direction.  We will let you know just as soon as we have more news, and we thank you all for your patience.

In even! more! Fair Trade news, Amazon is having a sale on the hardcover edition ($14.99; save $10.01!).  Here’s the link.

Having finished “Last Train…” last night, I’m giving myself a half-day to, yanno, putter around with the embroidery box, clear away the debris from the last project, choose a new one, scrubble some cats, and what not.  Tomorrow, I need to get with preparing Duainfey for release under the proper author name.

That’s today’s little bit of news.

Everybody stay well.

Oh!  Blog-post title brought to you by The Monkees, of course, “The Last Train to Clarksville.”  Here’s your link.

One thought on “You can be here by 4:30 ’cause I made you a reservation”

  1. It would be dandy if Holter Graham was the narrator. He’s got a voice like cinnamon sugar on warm toast. Happy free time. Enjoy.

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