The Tuesday report

Still working on “The Last Train to Clarkesville.”  Was hoping to finish today, which — eh.  Maybe?  But probably not.

Firefly has been very busy with the cat toys.  While Sprite and Belle are content to sit among the toys (and Trooper mostly ignores them, unless they are actively in play), Firefly carries them around, and makes little groupings.  Just inside the tech room door, there’s a deliberate cluster of two chipmunks, one fish, one rat, and, at a little distance, a fluffy ball.  It looks like a team meeting, or maybe a tea party.  Maybe I should get her a tea service?

She also very busily carries toys downstairs, and then brings them back up.  Possibly, she’s showing them where the litter boxes are, so that there are no Accidents.  Nobody want any Accidents, amirite?

For those keeping track of Salvage Right’s progress through the Maze of Publishing, Madame the Editor reports that she has read the manuscript, and that it was “great fun.”  Next up is cover art, and copy editing, and galleys, all in their own good time.

We are apparently still looking at a June 2023 publication date.

For those who have been Patiently Waiting for the Fair Trade audiobook — I must continue to disappoint you with news of no news.

Steve is now in the Authorial Hot Seat, and working away on Trade Lanes, due for a September 2022 turn-in.

And that?  Is the Tuesday report.

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