The Excitement Never Stops

Yesterday afternoon, Steve gave me his go-through of my draft of “The Last Train to Clarkesville.”  I read it, made some minor corrections, gave it back to him to read, and he pronounced it Good.

We submitted the story last night around 8 pm.  This morning, we have an ack from the editor — story received.

GHOD, I love electronic submissions.

No word limits were broken in the submission of this story, which came in at right around 7,955 words.

“Last Train to Clarkesville” is the 101st Lee-and-Miller collaboration; it is a Liaden Universe® western.

As soon as we have an acceptance, we will talk about this story again, Reveal the name of the anthology, and when it will be available.

Next up — a Liaden story to partner with “From Every Storm a Rainbow,” in the next Pinbeam Books chapbook.  I’ve put out a casting call, so we’ll see who shows up with a problem.

Of course, the last time I did that, I got Jen Sin yos’Phelium.

For now, I have a slew of paper on my desk, only some of which is Story Detritus, so I guess I’d better dig in and see what all’s here.




3 thoughts on “The Excitement Never Stops”

  1. I am imagining that your brain desires a rest and has quietly put the casting call on a delay, without mentioning it to you, but that someone or ones will be standing in line soon.
    I am greatly enjoying exploring the Liaden universe, as I earlier loved the Carousel universe. Thank you for all the hard work creating these lovely stories that enrich our lives.

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