Saturday in what passes for the city

The day got off to a mixed start, so I spent my time usefully cleaning the bathroom and steam-cleaning the kitchen floor.

Then! My new Project Box arrived, and I spent some time organizing my thread, and my hoops, and my tools, and by the time that was done, I was feeling almost human again, so I got out my light-sheet (really can’t call it a light-box, it’s so flat), and traced the design I want to stitch on the needle-holder I made the other day.  I have two “transfer” options available to me at the moment, being out of dressmaker’s carbon.  The first is a felt pen, which gives a thick black line.  The second is a pencil that produces a medium reddish-brown line.  My usual bias is pencil, but I’m thinking that for this, I like the black line better.  We shall, as they say, see.

On the schedule this afternoon is looking out cover art Duainfey and Longeye, which we will be releasing under the proper author’s byline in August.

Also, I’m revising “The Last Train to Clarkesville,” which is due mid-August, so I really ought to get on the writing part of that task, now that I’ve figured out who this One Guy is and how he got into the story.

And that’s Saturday in the city.

Here’s a picture of the Project Box, since I know you’re all dying to know what it looks like:


One thought on “Saturday in what passes for the city”

  1. To Not-Sharon people: I’m puzzled to recall the reason(s) that Edger would have appreciated The Box.

    If you know off-hand I’d be happy to hear it.

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