Disambiguation Post!

The next Jethri novel will not — that is NOT — be published “this fall.” The next Jethri novel — Trade Lanes — is due on Madame’s desk this fall. This is a very different thing.

This is what the Lee and Miller Writing Schedule looks like:
Salvage Right:  due on Madame’s desk June 2022
Trade Lanes:  due on Madame’s desk September 2022
Untitled Liaden/Redlands book:  due on Madame’s desk June 2023

This is what the Lee and Miller Publication Schedule looks like:
Scout’s Progress anniversary reprint: March 2023
Salvage Right: Summer 2023
Trade Lanes: Fall 2023

Note the progression: First, we turn the book in. Then, Madame and her team work their magic. Then, the book is published.

Thank you for your attention to this process.

One thought on “Disambiguation Post!”

  1. Looking forward to these new novels with great anticipation! Love ALL the Liaden/Korval/Jethri books. Please keep them coming! Note: I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves science fiction/space opera, action/adventure, romance, etc. Read one book in their awesome universe & you’ll be hooked! Favorite authors!

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