Writers’ Day Off

The weather forecast rain for the next, eh, six days, only yesterday was supposed to be cloudy and warmish.

So, we took yesterday off, and went down south to Ogunquit, a pretty little village by the sea.

The season isn’t quite in, so parking was Winter Well — aka free — at the public lot on Cottage Street.  Steve and I alighted from Skylark the Subaru and walked out.  The first thing Steve saw, after we’d crossed the street, was a sign that said, Footbridge to the Beach — so we did that.

There were people on the beach — barefoot children playing in the sand, their parents on beach chairs nearby.  Lots of people, like us, walking, and staring, and walking some more.  Ogunquit has a very interesting beach, and we were there at low tide, which meant we walking from the Norseman toward town center on the beach, rather than being forced by the tide to walk north, toward Wells.

Leaving the beach, we walked up to the village proper, where pre-season hours are in force at some places, while others were open.  We stopped for tea cakes at Afternoon in Paris, bought chocolates at the chocolatier’s, explored the Village Market, and window-shopped.

We collected the car eventually and drove down to Perkins Cove to find that the public parking there was also on Winter Well, and had lunch at Jackie’s Too.  Crab cakes, for those interested.  Very good Maine crab cakes (this for those of us who grew up on the legendary Maryland crab cakes), with the interesting addition of (those who grew up on Maryland crab cakes may want to sit down for this next part) cheese in the mix.

After lunch, we walked around Perkins Cove, while the clouds congregated overhead.  We got back to the car as the first drops began to spatter, and just over the town line into Wells when it began to rain in earnest.

Once home, we continued the theme.  I did some embroidery, Steve read, we eventually had the evening meal, and so to bed.

Today, as predicted, it is raining.  I have one, very brief errand to run out in Oakland, and then I’m in and writing for the next eight days, with two slight interruptions next Wednesday — to take Belle to the vet for her annual exam, and to get haircuts.

I’m aiming to finish Salvage Right by the end of April, so — off I go!

Ah, wait — have a couple of pictures from yesterday.

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Maine. Photo taken from the top of the drawbridge.


Steve, the beach guy. Ogunquit Maine.


5 thoughts on “Writers’ Day Off”

  1. I have very fond memories of Ogunquit, primarily because it was a favorite of my first boyfriend. Your day sounds PERFECT. Glad you were able to get it in before the rain.

  2. I can’t believe cheese and crab in the same sentence. I guess it’s OK if you don’t know the difference!
    Do you ever miss true Maryland crab cakes?

  3. I live in Oakland!! And yeah, Winter lingereth up here—still a slender patch of snow longside the driveway, making the spring mud season go on without end! ? And as a member of the Tyop Horde, can’t wait for the next thing you guys need help with!?

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