The Writing Life: Feast or Famine

So, yesterday was one of those days when the mind — the mind it zzzzzzzzzzzzoooooommmmmmmeeeedddddddd!!!!!!! 

I took notes; I typed words in a row; I took more notes.  My brain was, like, BIG PARTY at Tinsori Light! and I was being dragged along, whether I wanted to go to the damn’ party or not.

Though of course — I did.

This is the kind of day every writer hopes for; a gift from the back brain, when suddenly! it’s all So Clear, and everything just snaps into place.

It’s also an exhausting and terrifying kind of day — so! many! ideas!  coming in a rush.  You’re afraid you’re going to miss something — fingers only move so fast, after all.

So, today, I’m being kind of sleepy and slow.  I did the next-day read-over-and-revise of what I wrote yesterday, and I know where I need to go today, but I’m moving at half-speed instead of Warp 6.

Balance, I guess.

At this Point In Time, Salvage Right (aka Tinsori Light: The Novel) is less than 100 words short of 54,000.

And that’s kind of awesome, considering that, in October, I was writing a story that had already been written from another point of view, to try to teach myself how to write again.

There’s a snippet below this paragraph.  If you don’t want to read it, stop scrolling now.






“How’re you doin’ there, Pilot?”

“I have once again established that my head is harder than hull plate.  Apparently this must be periodically verified.”



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