The writer at work Tinsori Light edition

It occurred to me at right around 58,000 words into Salvage Right, that, yep, everything is happening on Tuesday afternoon, and I’d better Fix That Now.

So, that’s what I’m doing now.

I’ve read what was the original first scene — +/- 20,000 words — and have a plan to open it up to let air and sunshine and characterization and stuff into the manuscript.  Once I’ve solidified that opening section, I’ll move on to the next scene.  Which is one of your Big Advantages of writing in scenes.

I did know going in that there was going to be a fair amount of timekeeping required for this book, because of its place in overall Liaden Universe® events.  I’d been having so! much! fun! on Tinsori Light, though, that I’ve been ignoring that part of the process, and this is my opportunity to do that work, as well.

To sum up — the writer is writing, is happy in her work, and hoping you’re all the same.


5 thoughts on “The writer at work Tinsori Light edition”

  1. I’m always waiting for the next Liaden Universe installment but this one; I’ve really been looking forward to an update on the doings at Tensori Light.. bouncing up and down like a norbear!

  2. I too am so looking forward to Tensori Light. I love the journey to consensus. I just wish current society was as interested in open respectful debate.
    I have ordered Constellation V and am supposed to get it tomorrow. I already have the stories on nook but like having the paperback.
    Thanks again for hours of wonderful reading.

  3. There’s a series on Netflix I really enjoyed where there were two storylines happening supposedly at the same time, but one storyline showed several morning/evenings, about a week’s worth, and the other one was a sunless, frantic 2-ish day bender kind of feeling to it. Fandom has basically accepted some localized time anomaly afflicted group number 2 and has made it’s peace with it. Seems an extremely easy oops to do on paper. I have a doc where I was jotting down notes a sun movements across scenes because the math wasn’t mathing.

  4. It’s so refreshing and uplifting to read of your authorial happiness . . . thank you for this great news!

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