Monday catch-me-up

When last we saw Our Humble Narrator, she had acquired a vehicle, and skirted an accident of someone else’s devising.

Having acquired a Vehicle of My Own, I of course have since remained sedately at home.

We did have a crew in from the Dump Guys to take a scant pick-up truck load of junk out of the garage and rearrange the Necessary so that both cars could actually fit inside.  This turned out to be good timing, and Tinsori was not subjected to the indignity of sitting out in the snow during our recent little inch/two inch showers.

Some who read here may be pleased to know that writing has been going on.  Steve is hard at work on the sequel to Fair Trade.  That’s due at Baen this summer.

I’m working on a novel set at Tinsori Light — the a follow to Trader’s Leap and Accepting the Lance.  It’s about 15,000 words and moving in a forwarder direction.  The characters in one narrative line really want to Talk About It, while the other set of characters are being shy.  Well, it’s early days; they’ll come around eventually.  In the meantime, I’ll sit with the talkative set.

It seems we will be having a Quiet to Very Quiet Yule here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, which is nothing very out of the ordinary.  December’s a good month to stay inside, up here in the northlands.

So, there’s all the news I have at the moment.

Everybody stay safe.



2 thoughts on “Monday catch-me-up”

  1. A while ago you mentioned looking for a book to read so I thought you might be interested in Sara Rosett’s last news letter in which she included a spread sheet of Mysteries listed by time period. It can be found at I’m not sure you would like her books as they are cozy mysteries but she seems very interested in promoting historical mysteries and you do seem to like C. S. Harris. I appreciate your list of what you have read as I have tried some of the authors you mentioned and been pleased.

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