BREAD ALONE Publication Day!

BREAD ALONE:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 34 dropped sometime around midnight.

This means that those who preordered should find the book automagically downloaded to their ereader of choice.

It also means that those who were waiting for the book to actually publish before committing may now do so at will.  Here are some links to help you along:

BAEN       BN      Kobo       Amazon       Universal Link

For those coming in late, BREAD ALONE brings all of the so-called Bakery Stories into one volume.  Those stories are:  Degrees of Separation, Fortune’s Favors, Block Party, and Our Lady of Benevolence.  Our Lady . . . is original to this book; the other three stories are reprints.

Thank you all for your support of this project, and!  Happy reading!

Sharon and Steve

2 thoughts on “BREAD ALONE Publication Day!”

  1. “Our Lady” was excellent. I’m always impressed by the way you show how events connect in the wider universe and the impact that one (or more) individual’s actions can have on others and reverberate down the timeline.

  2. It was most enjoyable. I am awed by the ever expanding range of characters -how do you ever keep track of them!

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