BAD ACTORS print edition update

For those who follow these things, I have pushed the button to allow Amazon to start processing the print edition of BAD ACTORS. The reason we’re “releasing” early is multipart.

Part One: Amazon does not allow indie authors who are using the KDP system to print their books to set up preorders for print books. No, I don’t know why; it’s Amazon.

Part Two: After much discussion, Steve and I have decided to Embrace All Market Distribution, which basically means that you’ll be able to buy the paper edition at BN and other bookstores, and maybe even borrow it (the chances of this are Beyond Slim) from the library.

Part Two-A: This also means that you will be able to buy the print edition from All the Amazons everywhere on Earth.

Part Three: It will take up to EIGHT WEEKS for the paper edition to enter the Whole Earth Distribution Market.  Therefore, we have entered the print edition into Amazon’s “process.” This will have the side benefit, for folks buying from Amazon US, of the paperback edition of BAD ACTORS being available early, assuming Amazon’s review doesn’t discover that we are In Violation of MumbleMutter.

Part Four: The ebook edition is available for preorder at all the Usual Suspects, and will publish on July 31 at Baen, Amazon, BN, Kobo, Apple &c. as originally planned.  That’s BAD ACTORS:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 33, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

One thought on “BAD ACTORS print edition update”

  1. The paper copy of BAD ACTORS is now live and available for order on Amazon. I ordered my copy and it is scheduled for delivery on the 15th. I’ll also be getting the e-version when it comes out.

    Anne in Virginia

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