Quiet Times at the Cat Farm

So, no sooner had I handed in the copy edits for Trader’s Leap than the page proofs arrived.  It took awhile, but I’m finished with those, and will be putting the corrected pages into the FedEx box this afternoon, for whenever FedEx picks up.  Yes, there are still corrected pages to go back to the publisher, and if they sent me another batch of page proofs in another two weeks, I’d bet there’d still be more corrections.

Truly is it said that there are no perfect books.

Despite this, if you’d like to help Trader’s Leap inch just a little further toward perfect, the Tyop Hunt is open until September 9.  Follow this link to the rules and the rewards of Tyop Hunting.

Aside the Thrill of the Hunt, things have been pretty quiet here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  Steve’s writing.  The cat’s are napping.  I’ve been reading proofs, and today will sit down with the guidelines for a story we’re contracted to write for Derelict, and see how well it matches the story I started to sketch in before It All Went South, as they say.

Steve has built us a walking trail in our commodious heated basement, so we’ve each been able to get our mile or two of walking in every day, and continue with this plan even when winter is upon us.  Steve’s getting in more miles than I am at the moment, my story being that some steps are better than no steps.  I note that Sprite has appointed herself my walking coach, taking up an observation point a few steps down, where she can reach out and smack me on the shoulder as I go by.  I choose to think that this is encouragement.

And that’s basically it.  Peaceful, unhurried times at the Cat Farm, settling back into normal, insofar as anything can be normal in these Interesting Times.

4 thoughts on “Quiet Times at the Cat Farm”

  1. I have found walking at home works, but needs a little extra for aerobic. You have stairs, which is great! May I recommend Ted Talks as a great way to take your mind off it if you haven’t used Ted Talks recently? Stairs would add some variety and make it more aerobic 🙂
    Occasional pats from my cat would help too, but she is not as involved in my life, which does have some advantages. Hula hoop maybe ? And you can get a lot of exercise bending over (not saying how I know that -nope)

  2. I thought I had found a perfect walking route early in the morning before the Texas heat hits, but it sounds like they are switching to in-person-school soon and already there are early morning athletics starting and I live near three schools. Avoiding student athletes walking in the early morning is turning my time to listen to podcasts and swing my fitbit around more like playing Pac-Man since the students don’t mask up when walking in packs at me.

    I might have to do the thing I hate the most which is… driving somewhere… to walk. *longsufferingsigh*

  3. Good heavens, and here I thought walking was aerobic. I’ll add that I walk at A Pace — a little better than half-a-mile in a 15-minute walk. Music works better for me than people talking, I fear. If I’m concentrating on someone’s voice, I slow down. If I listen to music, I speed up.

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