On the vexed question of maize buttons

I don’t answer the question, “But what are maize buttons?” anymore, because I’m tired of it, and also because it seems so obvious to me that I feel that anyone, with only a little thought, could work out what they are, or an approximation that would satisfy.

Obviously not.

So!  The definitive author’s answer is:  Maize buttons are small cornbread muffins.

I am never answering this question again.



7 thoughts on “On the vexed question of maize buttons”

  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I didn’t ask the question, but can now answer others with authority.

  2. Ha! I just finished a re-read of Accepting the Lance today and maize buttons did come up. I grew up eating cornbread, so I had my own take on what they might taste like.

  3. Whew! Thank you for the definitive answer! There were just too many possible recipes for corn pone. Even though cornbread also has recipe variations, I can now picture my little gem cupcake muffin tins full of maize buttons!

  4. Thanks for the confirmation. I never asked, but I always wondered whether my own guess was close or way off, perhaps some East Coast Food which a California girl never heard of.

  5. Wow, that looks wonderful. And gluten-free, too! I love the quote at the end:
    “Finally, I have something that matches my imagination of what a Maize Button should be. Crisp bottom, soft and light center, very buttery, and just a hint of sweetness. See if you agree!
    “And if this does not match your vision of a Maize Button, feel free to experiment with this. In the books, Theo and her crew were always trying new versions. So there is no one right way to do this.”

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