Chapter Eleven, the Ultimate Chapter; the End

The last chapter of The Wrong Lance has posted and is waiting for you to read it.

Repeating:  This IS the final chapter of The Wrong Lance.  Next Monday, August 17, I will post an Afterword/Author’s Wrap Up.

The chapters will remain on Splinter Universe and on Patreon through September 11.  After that date, the chapters will be taken down and gathered into the second Splinter Universe Presents chapbook.  The plan is to make the chapbook available on October 27, concurrent with the mass market paperback release of Accepting the Lance, aka The Right Lance.

Remember that there is a Discussion Area for The Wrong LanceHere’s the link.

And!  Here’s your link to Chapter Eleven

2 thoughts on “Chapter Eleven, the Ultimate Chapter; the End”

  1. In Chapter Five I found this fragment:
    “We’re laying a grava cita?o–a major citation–…:
    There are 2 more occurrences of “grava cita?o” within Five.

    I’m curious about “cita?o” – do I not have the appropriate font available?

    Yeah, this is just one of those “inquiring minds want to know” thingys…

    Muchas Gracias for posting Wrong Lance. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn.

    Cheers, Bob

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