To send a wagon for thy minstrel

So, it’s been a while since we’ve chatted.  My excuse is — page proofs arrived for the mass market edition of Accepting the Lance (to be published on October 27), and needed to be proofread.  No sooner than had we sent them back, then the copy edits for Trader’s Leap (to be published on December 1) landed, and that’s what I’m occupying myself with at the moment.

In-between All That, Steve and I have had several, err, creative meetings — to dignify a process that involves a lot of hand-waving, staring out of windows, pitching random scenes and sentences, and refilling the wine glasses — regarding the next book under contract.

Those of you who have been following along will perhaps recall that The Original Plan had Steve as lead on the next book, while I had needed surgery on my left foot, and held myself ready to consult, taking up the duties of Staff once I was fit, and also working on a side book.  I may not have said that outloud, about the side book, but that was part of The Original Plan.

It is here that we insert:  The best laid schemes o’mice an’ men gang aft agley.

We started well enough.  Then, in January, there was a funky mammogram, which meant biopsies of both breasts, only one of which had been invaded by cancer; followed by a mastectomy in mid-March, and a course of radiation therapy, which ended in mid-June, when I started taking a prescribed aromatase inhibitor, which produced crippling side effects. We’re now in the phase of letting that med leave my system before we try another one.

Otherwise, I’m pretty much recovered, absent the fact that I’m having some memory and cognitive issues, which I’m told will improve, in good time.

And then of course, there are the on-going shared threats to health, liberty, and life that we are all dealing with.

During all of this, Steve was Front, whose expanded duties included driving me to radiation therapy — a 266 mile round trip — every weekday, making sure we were fed, laundered, and up-to-date.

The book languished.  We missed one deadline, and were on track to missing the second, extended, deadline.

Thus, the creative meeting.  Which led to the realization that we needed to start again.

We spoke to Madame the Agent, who spoke to Madame the Publisher.  Between us all, we worked out a new delivery date, in 2021.  So, this is your Distant Early Warning: There will likely not be a new Liaden book published in 2021.  A Miracle may occur — it would not be the first time that Madame the Publisher has pulled a rabbit out of her hat, but that’s not the way the smart money ought to bet.

Today’s blog title is brought to you by Hildegard von Blingen, covering Gotye’s “Somebody that I Used to Know.”  Here’s your link.

13 thoughts on “To send a wagon for thy minstrel”

  1. Sorry for all of the troubles, and (almost) as sorry that there won’t be a new book next year. OTOH, that provides a perfect excuse to decide if my next complete rereading will be in publication or chronological order.

  2. My wife had chemobrain and peripheral neuropathy after her treatment , but has recovered. Just do what you can when it is not overwhelming for you. God bless you both. Finding the Liaden universe has been mightily wonderful for me, but I can wait until you feel better.

  3. Cancer treatment is rough, though it beats the alternative. I’m recovered from the side effects of the chemo (lifting of fingernails & toenails) and radiation (dry skin). I didn’t have to take an aromatase inhibitor since my tumor would not have responded to it. I hope they can find a drug that will do the job without all the side effects.

    Looking forward to Traders Leap in December, and hoping to spend 2021 catching up on my “owned but unread” ebook queue assuming the world is somewhat back to normal by then. I’ll welcome a new Liaden book in 2022 and will also do a re-read of the series sometime soon.

  4. It has been a bit for a comment from me, but to say I am along for the long haul and wish to well. Thinking back to when I discovered your work and can’t think of any Authors that I have enjoyed more. Go Maine and go you.

  5. Sharon, I’m sending you my best hopes and blessings for a complete recovery to excellent health, and Steve, my thanks for being an excellent partner and wishes that you continue in excellent health also. Thank you both for all the wonderful books you have written. I have cherished all of your works for many years. Family and turtles!

  6. You and Steve are both wonderful, and don’t let anyone (not even you) tell you anything different. Upon being asked the secret of longevity, a centenarian once responded, “Ya just don’t die!” So hang in there. And that’s my wisdom for today.

  7. Wishing you both well. You’re part of the extended family, much more than merely authors at this point. Take care of your health, try to keep the stress levels down, and avoid the plague as best you can.

  8. The most important thing is you recover your strength. As mid has we would LOVE another book-you are the most important component! Please rest and gain strength.

  9. Thanks for the Distant Early Warning! It’s easier to ramp down my expectations now instead of closer to the projected date(s). Let me merely echo those who posted here before me: take care of yourselves and your health first. Enjoy those creative meetings and story-planning sessions . . . we’ll still be waiting on the other side!

  10. Take care of yourselves. Let your healing come first. Your fans will still be waiting patiently. We love you and want you healthy. Had I access to one, I would send you an autodoc or a “Tree”. I don’t so I send my prayers and best wishes.

  11. Recovery and both of you staying safe is the best gift you can give any friends and fans, Sharon. Getting is well is our job, and the muse is waiting for us. (In my case I am behind on my Liaden since I stopped reading for a couple of years. But I did buy books for a while, hoping, and Dragon in Exile in hardback is in the tempting bag to my right.)

    We will manage on tidbits and cat pics, with an occasional lily.

    Take care!

  12. We treasure all of the books we have from you and will miss 2021 but would rather have you well and fully recovered. Both of you, please take care of our favorite authors.

  13. I loved reading your messages — so loving and upbeat! I echo their sentiments– I know you are taking good care of each other under the wise supervision of the Feline Advisory Council!
    Incidentally, the link to Hildegard von Blingen was most amusing, as Hildegard I has been an icon of mine for fifty-odd years. I loved the illustration so much that I lost track of the errand my husband had sent me on for a good half an hour studying it!
    COVID19 may not pass soon, but we will happily wish it godspeed! And the best news of the whole day is that we can now anticipate 2022. I love having treats to look forward to!

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