Liaden Universe® InfoDump Number 125

Liaden Universe® InfoDump No. 125

Ten Things Make an InfoDump
Thing One:  Splinter Universe Presents!
Splinter Universe is undergoing housecleaning and a slight revamp, with a biggish new project in mind.  This meant removing material that has been on the site since the early 2000s.  Fans of the site were concerned that the content would be “lost forever,” so, instead, it’s been collected into this large — 200+ page — volume:  Splinter Universe Presents!
The book includes bits of novels or stories that stalled; outtakes from published novels; character sketches; and discovery drafts. Everything is Liaden in nature, but none of the collected pieces are complete. They are of possible interest to devoted fans of the Liaden Universe®; they are not guaranteed to be everyone’s cuppa. Every one of these bits has been previously published on Splinter Universe, for the amusement of the authors and the interest of those same devoted fans. There is nothing new, save the Authors’ Introduction.
Here are some sell links:
Thing Two:  Speaking of Splinter Universe
Several new splinters have been added to the site including an outtake from Alliance of Equals, an early vision of what Daav yos’Phelium did while he was separated from his clan, a glimpse of Shan as he prepares for his first contract marriage, and a fun little piece of weirdness featuring a Zork.
Go here to share in the fun!
And watch the skies for news of that new project mentioned above.
Thing Three:  Sharon Lee reads The Vestals of Midnight
This is Sharon reading her short Archers Beach story “The Vestals of Midnight,” available to the public for the first time!  Here’s your link:
Thing Four:  Barnburner and Gunshy Audiobooks
Sharon Lee has contracted with Tantor Audiobooks to produce her cozy Maine mysteries, Barnburner and Gunshy as audiobooks.  Narrator is Traci Odom.  Watch the skies for news of availability.
If you haven’t read Sharon’s cozies, they are available in ebook format from All the Usual Suspects.  Below are links to Baen’s catalog pages, and previews.
Thing Five:  Pinbeam Books
Pinbeam Books is Lee and Miller’s indie publishing arm.  It is the publisher of the Adventures in the Liaden Universe®  series, the most recent titles there being The Gate that Locks the Tree, Shout of Honor, and Fortune’s Favors.  Pinbeam is also the publisher of various of Steve Miller and Sharon Lee’s separate and non-Liaden work, as well as the newly released Splinter Universe Presents!
Here’s the link to the Pinbeam Books catalog.
Thing Six: Upcoming Liaden Books from Baen
The mass market edition of Accepting the Lance will be published on October 27. Lance came out in December 2019 in hardcover, ebook, and audio editions.  Here’s your link.

The SEQUEL to Accepting the Lance (yes, the SEQUEL), Trader’s Leap, will be published on December 1, and is now available for pre-order from Amazon. Here’s your link.Steve is working on Night of Masks, the sequel to Trade Secret.  The work on this is going slower than we would like, for Reasons explained under Thing Nine, below; as a result, we do not have a publication date at this time.

Thing Seven:  New Short Story at
In mid-November, brand-new Liaden story “Preferred Seating” will be published, free! on

Thing Eight:  Lee and Miller GOH
Assuming Circumstances allow — Sharon and Steve will be Writer Guests of Honor at AlbaCon, September 11-13, 2020, in Albany, New York.

Thing Nine:  Boring Health Stuff, Author Edition
Those who have been following Sharon’s blog will recall that she had a mastectomy in mid-March. She has healed well from that surgery, but now there are other therapies being explored to finish the job.  As things stand now, she will be undergoing radiation, and may be (we’re waiting for test results as this newsletter is being written) slotted in for chemotherapy.

Thing Ten: Baen UNtravelling Roadshow
Join us right here at at 4 PM, 4/18 for a presentation featuring David Weber, Eric Flint, Catherine Asaro, Wil McCarthy, Robert E. Hampson, Robert Buettner, Charles E. Gannon, Griffin Barber, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller and the Baen Editorial team. Learn about our new books…and have your chance to WIN free EBOOKS.

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