Chapbook news and New Splinter

Asyouknowbob, The Gate that Locks the Tree: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® No. 30, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, will be published as an electronic chapbook on Wednesday, February 19. It is now available for preorder at most of the Usual Suspects.  On Wednesday, it will also be available for purchase and download from Baen.

Now! the Original Plan had called for the paper edition, made available through Amazon, would be available for purchase before or on the electronic publication date.  Sadly, there have been several third party adjustments made in the tools I had been using to produce the paper chapbooks, which means that we have invoked Plan B.  I am at this moment awaiting a paper proof copy from Amazon, which will come into my hands on Thursday, February 20.  If all is well, I will push the button at Amazon, and paper books will flow.  If all is not well, I will report back here, so, yanno — watch the skies.

In the meantime, a new splinter — “Shan’s getting married” — with author comments, has been published to Splinter Universe.  Here’s your link.

Looking ahead just a week, I’ll mention that the anniversary mass market paperback edition of Carpe Diem — the third Liaden book ever published — will be go on sale at All The Bookstores on February 25.

And that’s the news that’s fit to print.

Everybody have a good day.

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  1. Just finished it. The story is delightful. Thank you for a glimpse into the continuing lives of some of my favorite characters.

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