Notes on Accepting the Lance

OK, everybody, deep breaths — good. . .good. . .

Focus, now — Can you hear me?  Good. . .


As I write this, Lee and Miller have FOUR MORE Liaden books under contract.

The first is Trader’s Leap, which is scheduled for publication in November/December 2020.

Then, there will be two Jethri books — Steve is lead of both of these; the first of which is due with Madame the Editor in May 2020.  The second is due in January 2021.

After those are two nameless and as yet formless Liaden novels.  I’ll probably start with them while Steve’s coping with Jethri, but first?  I’ll finish the revisions of Trader’s Leap.

Accepting the Lance is the 22nd novel set in the Liaden Universe®.  It will be followed by!
Number 23Trader’s Leap
Number 24 — Jethri book, sequel to Trade Secret
Number 25 — Jethri book, sequel to the above, as yet titleless
Number 26 — Liaden book
Number 27 — Liaden book

Everybody up to speed?  Good.

5 thoughts on “Notes on Accepting the Lance”

  1. A silly question comes to mind: do authors receive a larger royalty from an eARC purchase than from the published ebook?

    I hope so as I’m impatient enough to jump on Liaden eARCs right away, & the eARC price is a bit more than the ebook. If this is too-sensitive a question, please feel free to ignore it – which I assume you would anyway if this is the case. This is just one of those “inquiring minds want to know” sorta curiosities.

    Having finished a second read of Accepting’s eARC I’m now slogging my way thru another author’s space opera. Ok, I just have a lot more fun reading Liadens! Puts my mind in a much better place than space war.

    Cheers, Bob

  2. We’re paid of percentage of cover; the same percentage of cover that we’re paid for regular ebooks, so, yes, because eARCs cost more, we get paid more. It’s a little hard to tell you what percentage of sales are from eARCs as opposed to regular ebooks, because ARCS aren’t broken out in the royalty statement — all electronic sales are shoved into one column.

  3. Is there ever going to be a sequel to the Tomorrow Log? I loved that book and wondered if the snarl with the old publisher could ever be resolved. Thank you.

  4. I too liked the Tomorrow Log. When the Kompani became important, I wondered if they might form a bridge to the travelling people inthe Tomorrow Log; it looked as if some Kompani-precursor ships might have landed at the other end of this universe, when jumping from the old universe at the time of crystallization; with both halves searching for signs of the other ever since.
    But even with all the starfaring everyone does, the new universe is much too big to be fully explored and developed yet – I guess they’re still too far apart to ever get to meet and resolve this.

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