In which Rolanni is cleared to walk

So, today was the 7.5 week checkup since my foot operation, and the news is better than I had dared hope.

I can start walking again, easing into my good Dansko oxfords (though I can’t (for a year!) go barefoot), and losing (at last!) the surgical shoe.  The scooter is now a back-up tool, for use when my foot achy, and tomorrow?

I can actually go sit at my desk and work.

Well.  After I get all the Stuff that got piled on it while I was occupying the Command Chair sorted and put away.  The Command Chair will still be part of my routine, because the foot will swell, and ache, just given the normal wear and tear put on it by gravity.  My Plan at this point is to sit at the desk and enter corrections to the WIP, retreating to the Command Chair to mark up pages.

Tomorrow, I will be able to fix my own breakfast and carry it to the dining room table, and eat at the dining room table!

Hold on just a second; I’m feeling a little giddy.

I can go back to gym after Christmas, for weight bearing exercise; I may also use the treadmill — as long as I don’t run, and  we’re safe there, because?

I don’t run anywhere.

The swelling, which is not actually swelling, but rather scar tissue and affronted muscles, can take up to a year to subside, from which springs the prohibition on barefootin’ it.  Wearing shoes all the time will take some getting used to, since I’m a dedicated sock-footer, but honestly? at the moment that seems like a First World Problem.

Steve and I will have to make a Plan, so I don’t push on too quickly, but I expect we’re up to the challenge.

After we saw the surgeon, we celebrated the good news by stopping at Dairy Queen for milkshakes.  Then, Steve drove us to the Barnes and Noble in Augusta, where we both walked in and signed copies of Accepting the Lance and Conflict of Honors.

. . .and that’s the news as we know it.


8 thoughts on “In which Rolanni is cleared to walk”

  1. Oh, my . . . that *is* good news!

    As for wearing shoes: would it be acceptable to wear backless shoes, such as the Traveltime shoe from Easy Spirit? I know I had to switch a few years ago, and the support they give as well as the roominess is so comfortable that this dedicated barefooter no longer misses it (much).

  2. Surgeon wants hard shoes right now, because the bones still need to finish healing, and the shoe acts as a splint. I’m hoping next summer, I’ll be allowed sandals.

  3. That is very good news!
    If your shoes don’t fit at first (there will probably still be some swelling) you might ask if good & firm sandals that have velcro-adjustable straps are permissible.
    Adjustable shoes are much harder to find. 🙁

  4. We delight in the knowledge that you are once again standing on your own two feet again: dancing with a beloved human is only really possible when one can twine around his or her legs. Commendations on Accepting the Lance are in order, too: very well done, and many thanks. Only the best of books keep our human fixed in one place so intently: we all curled up on the couch for a nice, long, indulgent read. Great news that your office desk is back in use again as cats do indeed enjoy watching people work! As ever, Piper and Pepe

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