Update the Fifth

Since our last episode, the proofs for the new Baen mass market edition of Carpe Diem landed here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  We turned in the correx for that yesterday, and then commenced in to reading Trader’s Leap, which we turned in on October 1, because our input is needed for sell copy.

Today, UPS tells us that they will be delivering nine cases of Accepting the Lance.  Steve and I will be signing and/or personalizing them as quick as we can, and putting them on the bus to Minneapolis, where Mr. Blyly at Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore will do the hard part — that being invoicing and mailing.

The local Festival of Trees will open at the end of the week, and the Plan at this moment is that Steve and me and the knee scooter will View the Trees on Friday.  This depends somewhat on the weather, which has been rainy/icy/snowy by turns.  Friday is supposed to be warm and sunny, so fingers crossed.

In between correcting proofs and reading Trader’s Leap for the first time, I have been working at making friends with my foot.

Yesterday was one month since I had surgery, so recuperation is at more or less the halfway point, and my foot — poor thing.  It is well and truly a Frankenstein Foot, and will not, as I understand it, ever be a Thing of Beauty, except insofar as a Fully Functioning Foot can be said to be Beautiful.  It doesn’t hurt — though it still looks as if it should hurt.  It’s been through a lot, really, and I’ve been taking time to talk to it, and massage it, and reassure it that it will be back at work realsoonnow, better than before!   The swelling’s going down — I can see the shadow of an ankle bone! — so I’m hinting at maybe buying it, and it’s partner, a new pair of shoes for Christmas.  Or even — let’s get crazy!  — boots.

. . .and that’s about all I have to report.

Everybody stay well.

8 thoughts on “Update the Fifth”

  1. Sharon, ask your doctor or PT about scar prevention or reduction. You may be advised to massage in some type of oil to keep the scar area supple. I have a cumbersome thick scar on one foot because I didn’t, and much less of a scar on the other foot because I did.

  2. Doctor recommends Eucerin or other emulsifier of my choice, including but not limited to Neosporin, vitamin E oil, cocoa butter… I’m using Eucerin because that’s what CVS had.

  3. Happy to hear your foot is recovering, well enough already that you can carefully massage it, and you’re paying it some loving attention. I’ve heard that it has a noticeable physical effect, in the form of better blood circulation and recovery, if you can do so.
    Best wishes for your further recovery.

    Nine boxes sounds like a lot of signing to do! Maybe take it a bit more slowly than usual, so you don’t cramp up from the different sitting posture with your leg raised?

  4. Sharon, learn to love that foot! Without it, you would be on that knee scooter for good. Both mine are completely flat. Numerous nails are twisted and bent. All the small toes on the right foot point very sharply right, as if they were trying to hit the ankle bone. Whole right foot drags a bit, though I can lift it with upper leg muscles. Yep, by the standards of the rest of the world I have some ugly feet. But I think they’re cute, because they work enough to get me around. Still need a walker to help, but I’m not stuck home in a chair. I will consult misshapen right one to see if it feels up to sending fan mail to you left. At least, consider this a pat on the knee ?

  5. Glad to read about the progress of your healing. Massage helps, as does mild exercise, such as writing the alphabet with your toes. The PT will help, too. We made my own little tilt-board from leftover wood, and that has helped to strengthen my ankles, which keeps me from stumbling as badly as I used to. (Goes off to do some tilt-board….)

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