What to expect hereabouts for the next while

Asyouknowbob, I will be having my left foot surgically repaired on Friday, October 18.  This has been in the works for some time.  Per the surgeon, I will be off my feet for eight to ten weeks following this event.

I have a Command Chair and a laptop, so theoretically, I should just be able to continue on with Facebook, and Twitter, and updating this blog.

Notice the use of the word “theoretically.”

I believe that, instead of leaping right! back! in! to the online action, I will be taking those eight to ten weeks off.

But, why? you say.

But don’t you love us? you say.

Well. . .

Frequent auditors of this blog will perhaps recall that my younger sister died last December, whereupon I was tapped to take up the affairs of our father, in hospice and dying of cancer, said affairs being in a great state of muddlement due to the unexpected death of my sister and its immediate aftermath.  My father died in March, whereupon two surprise! stepsisters arose, brandishing paperwork, and throwing my, ah…legitimacy…under a bus of their own connivance.  This — all of this — was disturbing.  Yes.  Disturbing.

Also in March, Steve had his I(mplantable) C(ardioverter) D(efribrillator), the machine that keeps his heart beating, replaced.  This, though sworn by the doctors to be routine, was also disturbing.

In, among, and during all of this, I was lead on a book — Accepting the Lance — which we submitted in February.  Because of how …Lance had gone together, another book — its mirror-twin, Trader’s Leap — was due on the publisher’s desk in September, and I was also the lead on it.  So, I have basically had my head in a novel constantly for the last 18 months, except when I was dealing with deaths, and major medical events, in my family.  Not to mention the stepsisters.

Now, though it’s fun, for definitions of fun, to write a novel, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it’s twice as much fun to write two novels back-to-back.  IMHO.  It’s helpful to rest your brain and your nervous system, occasionally, and while Steve and I did manage a couple days at the ocean, and a couple more at Lubec, those were stop-gaps.  I know that some people run on adrenaline; I had used to run on adrenaline.  Those days are not these days, and I am, frankly, exhausted.

Steve is lead on the next two books — the first of those is the direct sequel to Trade Secret.  It’s due sometime next year — I’m not sure we’ve worked out a date with the publisher, yet.

So, this seems like the best chance I’m going to have to rest, as rest is being enforced.

I may poke my head in occasionally; certainly, I’ll be updating my books-read list, but don’t expect to see me largely around hereabouts for the next while.  Rest and recuperation comes first, now, after having being last too long.

Thank you all for your support over the years that we’ve been together — and for your understanding.

See you on the flipside.


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  1. A rough year you’ve had. Sending you wishes for a restful and thorough recovery. I hope it includes some form of coddling and indulgence; sounds like you could use a bit.

  2. Will be thinking of you, sending calming vibes. Not that I could hope to match your Feline companions re the latter. Be well. Rest well.

  3. Best wishes for smooth surgery and a speedy, easy recovery. Hope you can enjoy your down time – we look forward to having you back to the electronic world repaired, rested and recharged.

  4. I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough year. I sincerely wish/hope that this foot surgery is easy and that your recuperation is fast. I hope that you rest, heal, get strong and be happy. Remember that we appreciate you, not just your writing.

  5. I recently discovered your books and just started following your blog.. Love getting to know you through it. Sorry that you have had such a tough year. Taking time to recover and recharge is so important especially for those of a “certain age ”
    I will just console myself by reading more of your delightful books wile your blog is quiet.

  6. Take your very much earned rest, and let your mind and soul expand again as much as they need to. Will be thinking friendly thoughts in your direction.

  7. I much prefer a rested and relatively healthy pair of you able to continue providing my much needed Liaden fix for many years to come.

  8. Thanks for letting us know. Now we won’t worry (much) when we don’t hear from you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, both mental and physical.

  9. I offer my empathy on what has clearly been a very rough year for you. By all means take all the time you need to recharge.In the past decade I’ve learned that reduced mobility does quite odd forms of damage to my morale, and i hope you don’t make a similar discovery. Know that many of us will be sending Spanksh Aunts your way continually during your absence, and will welcome you eagerly at any time you happens to reappear in these electrons!

  10. There will be pain, and therefore pain pills. Complex tasks, like say writing, are contraindicated while under the influence. Although, the results of medicated writing might be interesting to see, rest, recovery, and rehabilitation are the order of the day for the foreseeable future. At least if knee replacement is any benchmark.

  11. I am happy the universe has rewarded your extremely hard work with an opportunity to rest. May you be blest with fruitful leasure.

  12. Rest is indeed well deserved and overdue! Here’s hoping the evil step-sisters get the kind of ending fairy tales would mete out.

  13. Best wishes for your foot repair and subsequent rest and recuperation period. We will be keeping you in our thoughts. Hopefully the resident felines will provide coddling and other TLC.

  14. So sensible, Sharon – you are definitely doing the right thing! Everyone needs a good break every now and then, and even though this one is enforced, I’m sure it will leave you refreshed and full of new enthusiasm and energy! Take all the time you need. The books / world that you and Steve have created are loved by so many of us, that we probably come across as too demanding some of the time. Glad to have the opportunity to ‘give back’ in some way!

  15. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery and it’s successful surgery. Hopefully Steve will post a little tiny updates as to how you’re doing.

  16. Cats. Lots of cats. On lap or near lap. Cats will cure anything. Although I’m currently catless and surrounded by dogs, I’ve spent most of my life supported by cats.

  17. A rough year indeed. (Rest assured, though, the ICD replacement IS routine. Really. Voice of experience.)

  18. Do enjoy your time away and know that, though you will be missed, we are all eager to see you refreshed and renewed! Be well.

  19. Take whatever time you need. We will be “waiting” for you. I hope to see you for real next year in Albany.
    Your faithful French fan, Vicky

  20. Hope you benefit from being flipped and trust you will be back, right side up and recuperated, in the New Year.

  21. Take care of yourself – you deserve time to focus on you, and selfishly, we will all benefit from your recharge. Fergeddabout everything but you, Steve and the cats!

  22. All the best with the surgery and the recovery, both physical and mental after such a very difficult year. Think comfortable calm thinks and don’t forget to administer appropriate drugs to the pain! We all wish you and Steve well

  23. You certainly deserve a good rest. We can wait, because your well-being is important to us (and not JUST because of the books). I truly hope that all works out well with the foot surgery. a

  24. Best wishes for your health even from old Europe – Berlin, Germany.
    Very kind regards,

  25. Best wishes for a good recuperation and recharge. Take care and may the cats be on the job.
    I’ve found that audible books on my Kindle fire are pleasant distractions when I’ve been under the weather. The reader of the Phryne Fisher mysteries does a splendid job.

  26. Best wishes for a good recovery! Please take all the time you need to recuperate, and then some more to recharge.
    I’m glad you told us beforehand, else I’d have worried a bit that things weren’t going well when you stay silent for more than a week.
    If you feel like it, you could post an occasional picture of a cat, or an otter news retweet or something positive like those baby goats, just to show you’re still doing well at the healing and resting…
    If not, then good for you for keeping the Internet out of your recharging time!

  27. I’ll miss your online voice for the interim, but by all means refresh and recuperate. Catch you on the flip side.

  28. Take your well-deserved brake! And I hope, there are no further disturbing events coming to you anytime soon (or better – anytime ever :))

  29. Oh, my! I knew it was coming up, but somehow failed to check the blog soon enough to send my good wishes. Not only good wishes, but prayers for a successful surgery and a boring and uneventful recovery period.

    I’m currently re-rereading the Liaden Universe series, and—if anything—enjoying it even more this time through.

  30. Wait, wait… surely you’ve left unmentioned the REAL reason for setting aside the laptop, viz four (4) cats with prior dibs on said lap. Warm wishes for your convalescence of body, mind, soul & heart. And begone, boredom! Cat toys regrettably do lose their novelty rather quickly… perhaps a mutual scheme of Curiosity Betterment could lie ahead for you all? Fondly, Pepe & Piper – diligently shedding in the Texas heat. Brushing cats is an *excellent* investment of time.

  31. Hope your surgery went well today (I’m a bit behind in my blog reading) and that your recovery goes smoothly.

  32. Best wishes for smooth surgery and healing. I, personally, think working on the books read list and cuddling cats should have high priority. Look forward to whenever you’re able and interested in returning.

  33. I’ve been thinking of you today. “They” sent me home after foot surgery with a foam casket (open top) for my leg and thigh to keep my foot as stable as possible. I hope you have something similar or better!
    While waiting for a new Liaden novel or story to roll off the presses, I have started “Ninth House” by Leigh Bardugo, highly recommended by our local booksellers. While I’m barely into it, I can tell that I have started a lovely new relationship, and I’m far from a dark fantasy lover. I don’t know if it’s on Audible yet, but if not, it soon will be!

  34. I had one of those years about half a decade ago. Rest, meditation, reading, cuddle time with my pets and husband all helped. Hopefully you’ll find the right combination to get yourself feeling at peace and ready to tackle the day again. All the hugs!!

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