Sufficient unto the day are the submissions thereof

So, these things happened today:

  1.  Trader’s Leap, the twenty-third novel of the Liaden Universe® co-created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, has been turned in to Madame the Publisher at Baen.  . . .Leap weighs in at about 122,000 words and concerns itself with the doings aboard Dutiful Passage. The action in . . .Leap happens concurrently with the action in Accepting the Lance (due out in December)The action happens so concurrently, in fact, that for most of last year, . . .Lance and . . .Leap were thought by their fond authors to be one novel.  No publication date as yet.  If I were guessing, which you’d think I’d know better than by this point in my life, I’d say look for it in bookstores late in 2020.
  2. “A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom,” a short story commission by in support of the publication of Accepting the Lance, has also been turned in.  Look for it on the front page of in mid-November.  The story will be free for everyone to read.

I still have one more professional commitment to fulfill, which it would soothe me to have it turned in before I hit Foot Surgery Day on October 18.  It’s not technically due ’til the end of November, but, since the future is an Uncharted Country, I’d like to get it off the decks.

I also need clear the detritus of Having Written A Novel from my desk and its immediate surrounds, clear away the stack of administrivia that’s been waiting for attention, and make some more arrangements for my convalescence.  My greatest fear for the recuperation period is that I will succumb to depression brought on by boredom and inactivity.  I mean, you wouldn’t think I’d be bored, given that mountain of books over there that I call my TBR pile, but I’m pretty much used to getting up, getting around, and getting out.  Also, I’m Particularly Unskilled at Just Sit There and Rest™.

Well.  Practice makes perfect.

We have made some efforts to make the Command Chair interesting.  Steve has very kindly put a birdfeeder outside of the Command Window, which looks over the busy street at the front of the house.  The chair also faces the Big Screen, so I’ll be able to have waterfalls and fireplaces on view, not to mention — hey, let’s get crazy! — actual movies.  And, yanno, I do have a laptop, so I won’t be cut off from civilization entirely.

So, anyway, that’s what’s going on at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory on the first of October.

What’s going forward at your house?



11 thoughts on “Sufficient unto the day are the submissions thereof”

  1. Getting started on Lonesome October, and planning the garage cleaning, now that the warmest part of the year is over. Competition date for it is the garage is before the last page of Lonesome October.

  2. I am reminded of the time recovering from surgery for 6 weeks that I really enjoyed watching televised stock car racing. It somehow felt good to see a bunch of people putting in all that effort to just go around and around and not actually get anywhere.

  3. You had me going for a moment, there. Title like that, I thought, “whoa, what?! Steve’s Jethry work finished, titled and turned in already? I was not paying attention properly!” And then I got to the end of the second sentence. Thus did I leap to the wrong trader. I mean wrong conclusion.

  4. Still the summer hiking and trailwork season, still in the loop teaching the students, still have accumulated work administrivia that requires either time off from students or OT taken from personal time.

    Heading for Ebisu for food, drink, and company.

  5. I am anxiously awaiting the repair of the front roof/dormer flashing over my front porch. It has be scheduled and rescheduled several times over the course of the spring and summer. There were good and valid reasons for the delay, but my patience is waining. There was very little fun stuff happening because I spent the majority of my summer WAITING.
    I hope all goes well with your surgeries. Ping me if I can help.

  6. We are building our house. We have been building our house for about 1,000 years now … ok, fine, maybe only not quite two. And it hasn’t been terrible, some parts are quite interesting, but living in a travel trailer palls, and it’s hard to get much of anything else done, so I’d really like to wrap this project up RealSoonNow.

  7. I have been doing the command chair thing for quite a few months now (I also sleep in it). Be sure you have a bookshelf within hands reach which has room (we use boxes from the container store) for all your remote controls, phones and medications. Also good to keep whatever liquid you drink on.

    I put my laptop (I hate laptops) on it also for charging. mg put a multi usb charger on it (on a ups that is also used for lights and the command chair). You definitely want the command chair on a ups so that when the power goes out you are not stuck in the chair when the power goes out and you need to make it to the bathroom

  8. We are starting our 4th week without a kitchen because we decided to hire a contractor to turn the living room, dining room and kitchen of our 1971 vintage house into an open plan great room and bring the house into the 21st century. It will be great when it’s finished, but right now we are living with construction, dust, and contractors arriving at 7 a.m. (I am Not a Morning Person). Hoping to be done around the first of November.

  9. I’m recovering from being out of commission for months due to a major knee injury. Best investment was one of those rolling hospital tables where you can adjust the height. It was very affordable on Amazon.

    I’m impressed you successfully separated conjoined twins and eagerly await reading the second one (already devoured the Lance eARC while recuperating – very much appreciated).

  10. Oooh, more on Dutiful Passage and its crew! I’m very happy to hear that is coming.

    Also, wishing you the best results and a speedy recovery from your surgery.

  11. The separating was harder than I thought it would be. OTOH, being able to give Shan and the Passage a whole book instead of half-a-book allowed the story to expand in an unexpected direction. So, win-win-exhausted-author.

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