When last we saw our intrepid heroine. . .

. . .she was waiting for the delivery of her Command Chair.

The chair arrived just past 10 am on Wednesday, which you can’t get much more “between 8 am and noon” than that.  It was promptly tested by human and cat — Trooper taking the lead, as he so often does.  There’s a little futzing to be done with the computer table, pretty much we’re set there.

After the chair delivery on Wednesday, Steve and I went to Kennebec Pharmacy and Home Care in Augusta to view knee scooters and other necessary items. There were no scooters on the floor, nor could we view one.  We were told by the breezy clerk that scooters are very popular, that no, there wasn’t one on the floor, that all the scooters were all the same, and that, when someone came in who wanted to rent a scooter (at $120/month, charged by the full month), the guy in the warehouse would put one together and bring it over.  We were also told that Medicare would not cover the scooter rental — which was Actually Good to learn.

Speaking as someone who has managed to arrive at this point in her life without having to interact much with the medical service establishment, I wish that the customer service people would not Just Breeze Through Things, like we’ve all done this before, and not meet newbie questions with impatience or non-answers.  From my perspective, it would make a difficult situation a little less fraught.  I realize that it’s no one’s job to make my life easier or less fraught, but, still…

Anyhow, I was — how to say this gently? — NOT IMPRESSED with the cavalier supposed customer service, so Steve and I left.  On the way home, we stopped at BagelMainea for — bagels!  Fifteen bagels. I feel wealthy.  And very glad to have a freezer.

We also stopped at Home Depot and bought one of the two remaining canopies to install on our deck.  When our neighbors decided to build an addition to their house, they chopped down their Big Tree, which coincidentally shaded our deck. Without the tree, it was too hot to sit on the deck many days, and the canopy is the solution to that problem.

After we got home, and, since Medicare won’t pay to rent a knee scooter, I decided to please myself, and purchased a KneeRover Quad All-Terrain, which will be here at the middle of next week, giving me lots of time to become proficient in its use.

Yesterday, Steve and I (with Scrabble’s supervision) erected the canopy, tested it and found it good.  Today, it is of course, raining, but that’s OK, too.  After a ‘way too wet spring, we’ve been having a too-dry summer, so, Rain Good.

As reported elsewhere, I have been going through the manuscript line-by-line and as soon as I post this blog entry, I’ll get back with that.

Y’all have a good weekend.



4 thoughts on “When last we saw our intrepid heroine. . .”

  1. I am headed over to LLBean in Burlington, MA, where the internet tells me that there are kayak wheels available so I don’t have to drive to Freeport. This will allow me to once again kayak on my own schedule since my kayak has now taken up residence in the yard of a friend of a friend over in Marblehead. It’s a doable walk from the yard to the harbor if I can roll the boat behind me. And I now have something to spend my couple of hundred $ in LLBean credit on that truly makes me happy! Wheels, new sprayskirt, paddle gloves, a new sun shirt. Happy 75th birthday (November) to me!

  2. Having used a standard medical-supply place knee scooter and a Knee Rover, you are going to be much better off! The big air-filled wheels make a world of difference. I ended up adding on a memory foam pad to the knee rest, for a little added comfort.

  3. Your Command chair setup looks quite comfy, and so does the knee scooter.
    I didn’t know those existed, have never seen them in use, so that’s today’s useful addition of knowledge from the Internet for me.
    I hope everything goes well for your surgery, and everything works out as planned and hoped for.

  4. I didn’t know THESE existed, until I started researching knee scooters and somebody said to me, Why on EARTH would you use a clunky old scooter, when you can have an ICrutch? Here’s the link.

    For the record, I’m a little leery of the ICrutch, especially given the number of cats in the household. I think — though there’s no guarantee — that they will be more willing to give way before the scooter.

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