Twixt and Tween

As reported elsewhere. . .

This morning, we await the arrival of the Command Chair, which will be delivered, so they say, between 8 am and noon.  I note that it was not delivered at 8 am.

This after, we have errands, and possibly a nap.

I have this morning filed for half an hour.  I figure half-an-hour a day for a couple weeks will see everything put away by the time I need to withdraw from the lists for 8 weeks.  Sprite came into the tech room to help; me (Sprite likes to file) — and I am just returned from another visit to the tech room, because she was shouting at me to come back here and file some more!  I had to tell her that I’m not going to file for eight hours straight; that I appreciate her help and hope to have her help again, tomorrow.

This is what you get when you have cats who want to be Involved in the Process.

So, anyway. . .somewhere in all this I need to print out the Nameless WIP and go through it line by line, as one does.  That’ll be fun.  Or not.  I’m past the point where I want to read this book ever again, but, yanno.  Part of the job.

One thought on “Twixt and Tween”

  1. I’d offer to help with Nameless WIP but I probably know the response to that…:-)

    Just noticed …Lance is included in Baen’s December bundle with 1/2 book promised September 15.

    Hope that Command Chair is the most comfortable it can be for you. Not being aware of the type of floor covering on which you’ll be using it, but I might offer – assuming it has wheels – that I find replacing hard plastic casters with polyurethane are well worth the upgrade.

    Cheers, Bob

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