So, I’m told that the Sharon Lee (writer) page on Wikipedia has been marked for death because the author does not meet “notability” requirements.  Steve Miller’s page appears to be in no danger, nor, due to the on-going efforts of interested and savvy fans, is the Liaden Universe® page.

I am also in receipt of a rumor, which is that some? many? most? Baen authors have recently been found not to meet “notability” requirements, and that Baen itself is reported to be a “vanity press.”

If someone with even a little bit more patience than I have, and Wiki-savvy, could at least look at Baen’s page and put the vanity press* thing to bed (if it’s actually there) I, and possibly others of Baen’s authors will be grateful.

Now, I need to go back to work.  Honestly, I envy those folks who have so much time on their hands.

5 thoughts on “Wikipedia”

  1. I deleted the notability tag. This doesn’t mean it will stay deleted, but for right now it’s gone.

  2. I updated some links for the Carousel series and deleted the most recent grumpy “this page needs work” tag

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