Liaden Universe® InfoDump Number 122

Getcher Red Hot Signed Copies of Liaden Universe® Constellation IV!

Liaden Universe® Constellation IV will be published on June 3.

You may now pre-order signed and/or personalized copies of Liaden
Universe® Constellation IV from Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore.

Here’s your link.

For the purposes of this discussion “signed” means “the authors will
write their names on the half-title.”  “Personalized” means “the authors
will write their names on the half-title *and* a short inscription of
your choice.”  Note:  The authors reserve the right to refuse a
particular personalization if they should find it offensive for any
reason.  The authors’ judgement in this may not be appealed.  Should the
authors refuse a personalization, they will still — and only — sign
their names.

Included in this volume are:  The Authors’ Foreword, “Street Cred,” “Due
Diligence,” “Friend of a Friend,” “Cutting Corners,” “Block Party,”
“Degrees of Separation,” “Excerpts from Two Lives,” “Revolutionists.”

Fortune’s Favors:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 28

. . .is on sale as an ebook at Baen, BN, Apple, and a host of others.

If you were an early adopter of the Kindle edition, you received a
broken book.  Amazon reports that, as of April 25, it has fixed its
error concerning the “Start of Book,” and all new customers will
download a book that will open to the first chapter.  If you downloaded
a broken book, you may delete your book , and re-download the repaired
book to your device.  There is no charge to do this.

Watch the Skies!

Shout of Honor: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 29 is in
production, and will, in a well-run universe, be available for purchase
on May 15.  Watch the skies.  . . .Honor is a brand-new novella which
looks in on some briefly-seen characters.  It happens in-between
Neogenesis and Accepting the Lance.

More Titles in the Pipeline!

The second Liaden Universe® novel, Conflict of Honors, will be
reissued in mass market from Baen Books on October 28.  Mark your calendars!

Accepting the Lance will be published by Baen Books on December 2, in
hardcover, and ebook editions.  …Lance is the direct sequel to
Neogenesis.  You will be able to preorder signed copies of Accepting the
Lance from Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore after Labor Day.  So, yanno, mark
your calendars there, too.

Eye Candy!

One of the great pleasures of our writing is that we get to inspire art
by excellent artists, and when we can, add some to our walls. Among our
recent additions are the Alan Pollock cover art for Fledgling
available here — and some David Mattingly cover art for the Liaden books — find some here.

Upcoming Conventions

Steve and Sharon have had a rough couple years In Real Life, and are
mostly sticking close to home this year.  We are open to invitations
from conventions for 2020.

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3 thoughts on “Liaden Universe® InfoDump Number 122”

  1. Ahhhh…Fortune’s Favors…Ahhhh! I am refreshed.

    Since Neogenesis’ eARC followed by rereading the last 7 or 8 Liaden Universe novels, the elapsed time has felt like forever. I whined about wanting to read the failed 5th of 5 regardless. In that time I have searched for stories from other authors & read quite a few – alas none as satisfying as those of the Liaden Universe. The Lee/Miller books just put me in a better place.

    So, I say again, ahhhh…

    I no longer can say “git t’ writin'”, I must opine [to Baen] “git t’ publishin'”. I sooo look forward to Accepting the Lance. & May 15th can’t come soon enough.

    Thank You for your efforts. I am much obliged…Bob

  2. PS I forgot to add, one of my daily websites is APOD, Astronomy Picture of the Day, at Today is May 03, 2019 & the featured pic can be seen without comment at “”.

    It came to mind that certainly those traders who pursue their routes about the universe might occasionally gallivant a bit towards such a bit o’ beauty as pictured at the URL above for a pleasant albeit short linger. I wonder which of the wines would go well in those moments…?

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