Kindle Readers: Head’s Up!

Readers of Fortune’s Favors in KINDLE: There’s a formatting error I can’t replicate in my Kindle app, or with Amazon’s own preview tool (so I can’t, yanno, FIX it). If your book opens at “Interludes,” that is effectively the second chapter. Chapter one — titled FORTUNE’S FAVORS/ONE — has been placed in the Table of Contents under “Front Matter” (none of my tools display an over-section called “Front Matter”).

I’ve written to Amazon support, since clearly this is their problem, and hopefully they will fix it soon.

In the meantime, if your book opens at “Interludes,” page back until you get to “FORTUNE’S FAVORS/ONE,” and you’ll get the whole story.

I’m sorry for the error, obviously, but I really don’t see how I could have prevented it.

Or even guessed it was there.

4 thoughts on “Kindle Readers: Head’s Up!”

  1. ?
    I knew my habit of always backing up to the cover and starting there was a good one. Now it will 2 purposes. ?

  2. I always page back to the cover as well. I like seeing the cover and reading from there. Thanks for the heads up, though.

  3. Unlike your two previous readers, I don’t typically back up to the cover, so this heads up was a good thing. I had wondered what happened to the snippet.

  4. I have a family setting, meaning two of us see the same books. I just thought the other person had started reading the book 🙂

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