Ask Me Anything

So, they tell me that spring is coming.  Or at least Daylight Savings Time.

What say we get the website loosened up and moving again?

You — yes, you! — may Ask Me A Question in comments.  All questions will be kept Sekrit, and on Wednesday, March 13 — Anything Can Happen Day Times Two! — I’ll start answering questions here in the blog, one at a time, questions chosen at my discretion.

Sound like fun?


Let’s go.

2 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything”

  1. Will their be another book with Jethri? I have just reread (for the xxxx time) Balance of Trade and Trade Secret and am missing him already. Would like to hear more from the healer and dramliza twins. Merci beaucoup.

  2. I found myself wondering today about Liadens and music. We know that they appreciate a good omnichora player, but what other instruments do they like? And does their collection of forbiddens include any instruments? (e.g. In a society that prefers people not to draw attention to their faces, is there a place for instruments placed in or on the face, such as saxophones and trumpets?)

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