. . .and all the ships at sea

Are you among the dozens of readers who wants a signed*, even, a personalized** copy of A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume 4?

Of course you are!

You may now preorder your signed and/or personalized copy from the Uncle.

Here’s your link.

RULE ONE RE PERSONALIZATIONS:  the authors reserve the right not to inscribe a requested personalization, should said personalization offendeth them.  There is no appeal of the authors’ refusal.

PRO TIP:  Do not offend the authors.

RULE TWO IN RE PERSONALIZATIONS:  Check your spelling!  The authors will exactly reproduce what you have typed into the instruction box.  If you made a spelling error, there will be a spelling error in your personalization.

Everybody clear?


*SIGNED means the authors write their names on the half-title of your book

**PERSONALIZED means the authors write their names and a personalized inscription, requested by the person buying the book, RULE ONE RE PERSONALIZATIONS, above, applies.


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