In which life is interesting


Yes, yes, there will be another Liaden Universe® novel.  Actually, there will be. . . *looks at projects list*. . .six.  Six more Liaden Universe® novels.


Accepting the Lance is due to be turned in to Baen in January.  It is in the publishing schedule for the end of 2019. 

After Lance is submitted, Steve and I will be taking a couple months “off,” as the saying goes, and then starting the next book.  Which will be a Liaden Universe® novel.  No, we don’t know what it will be about.  No, we are not out of ideas for Liaden Universe® novels.  Thank you.

Work on Lance continues to go in a forwarder direction.  I am reading the manuscript now; should finish today.  Looks like I have some bridge-building in my immediate future, which wasn’t entirely unexpected.

In Real Life news, for those who follow along, on the day before Thanksgiving my sister went in to the hospital with what looked like a stroke.  Despite tests, medical science could not find what had caused this episode, so she was sent home. 

She was readmitted to the hospital less than a week later with a “massive infection,” was given every antibiotic known to science, and daily dialysis. She went into cardiac arrest late on December 7 and died in the early hours of December 8. 

I am behind on answering email.  I will, I promise, get to yours soon, but there are things in queue ahead.

I think that gets us caught up.  All of you who celebrate winter holidays — be joyous.  We here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory give a nod to Yule; and a modest nod at that, since we’re usually on deadline for a book in December.  This year, we achieved wreathes — one for the front door, one for the dining room, and a modest string of lights for each.  Serendipitously, a friend sent us a turtle ornament, so now we have a Great A’Tuin Wreath.  Which pleases me.



9 thoughts on “In which life is interesting”

  1. Words don’t seem sufficient, but they are all I have. My sincere condolences on your loss.

    But the wreath is lovely! I hope its lights will warm your hearts through the dark days of this season.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. It feels shallow to follow that by saying I’m excited for more books, but I am, and I love your Great A’Tuin Wreath so much, I’m saving the picture because just seeing it will always make me smile.

  3. Oh Sharon – so sorry for your loss. Sisters are important. I’m a pray-er, so I’ll be praying for comfort for you and yours. You and Steve have brought much comfort and delight to me and mine.

  4. I am sorry for your loss. I will be praying for peace and strength for you as you deal with this. Also hoping you have wonderful memories to sustain you.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. Be as well as you can and take your time. Best wishes to you and your sisters family. Hug the cats and do your best. Your fans or at least this reader will wait.

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