The Friday after the Thursday before

Today, we work. Tonight, we journey into Downtown Waterville, to see Hot Tuna in concert. Steve bought these tickets, what? a year ago? So this is our Official Gift to Ourselves for the 38th Anniversary of Having Done the Legal.

Tonight’s event will be enlivened, if that’s the word I want, by the Parade of Lights, which will close off Main Street at 5 pm. The parade starts (it says here) at 6 pm. The doors to the Opera House (on Main Street) open at 7pm, and the show starts at 8 pm.

I have a feeling that Timing Will Be, if not Everything, Than Verrrry Close Indeed.

I see here that one is not allowed to bring bags of any sort into the Opera House; we are advised to bring wallets only. I therefore advise the paparazzi that my fashion choice this evening is cargo pants (and a bulky sweater with another sweater under it, on account it’s gonna be COLD tonight).

What’re you doing today that’s fun?

3 thoughts on “The Friday after the Thursday before”

  1. Sounds like a great time. I loves me some Hot Tuna. A neighbor got me hooked on Jorma and Jack about (dear Lord is it) 40 years ago. I think “Hesitation Blues” is my favorite, but anything by the Reverend Gary Davis is pretty awesome, too.

  2. Funny you should say. I first heard the Waybacks do “Hesitation Blues,” and was shocked! to hear it coming from Hot Tuna. I will add that, though I knew of Hot Tuna, I haven’t followed Hot Tuna. The Waybacks, however, I did follow for a while.

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