If it’s Thursday, it must be turkey

So, here in the US, it’s Thanksgiving Day, which is a civilian festival where family and friends gather together, feast, and try not to have political arguments at table.

We here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory will be working for the first part of the day, then celebrating, simply.  Steve had the foresight to cook the turkey breast and mashed potatoes last night, so we’ll need to zap a few things in the microwaves, bake some rolls, open a bottle of wine, and we’re good to go on the feasting side of things.

While it’s good practice to take a moment to be thankful every day, it’s traditional to be thankful on this day.  We’ve had a lot of things go right for us this year, but for today, I’m thankful for the sun streaming into my office.  I’m thankful for the cats, lounging in windows and sun puddles.  I’m thankful for Steve and a partnership that’s spanned more than half my life.

Hoping everyone has a good day, whether it’s a celebration or Just Plain Thursday.  Be grateful for something.  Tell somebody you love them.  Call your mom.

I’ll see you on the flip-side.

4 thoughts on “If it’s Thursday, it must be turkey”

  1. Thankful for good books, family and friends, pets and sunny interludes, pretty fall colors, berries and flowers… there’s so much good to enjoy in the world.
    I enjoyed seeing you two on your video!

  2. I am thankful for my favorite authors who have written my favorite book ever! Thank you years of reading enjoyment. And happy Thanksgiving From Alaska!

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